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Riverstone Staff

The individuals who are part of Riverstone’s mission have demonstrated a commitment to the youth and families in our community. Our employees offer a wealth of life experience and education to assist them in helping the youth we serve.

Marvel Coleman

Owner & Crisis Stabilizer

As a life-long resident of Milwaukee I have made a commitment to improve the lives of those in my community. Quality of care is very important when providing services for children and young adults. The future lies with them so having a solid team of professionals to help as they plan their future is essential. I divide my time between working with the kids and working with our team to ensure they are the best they can be.

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Janice Corothers

Program Supervisor & Crisis Stabilizer

I am an outgoing individual who enjoys learning new things and being active in the community. I also have great communication skills and always remain consistent. I am self motivated and determined. I enjoy working with children especially in the area of development. I have earned my degree in Psychology from Kaplan University. My desire is to see children and families succeed and therefore, my goal is to advocate for each client(s) to help them meet their goals.

Chris Basabe

Crisis Stabilizer & Mentor

I am always there for my family. I am always there for my friends when they are in need. I never give up. I always look at the positive side of life. I am dedicated to my work as a crisis stabilizer and mentor.

Michael Beal

Crisis Stabilizer

I’ve been working with kids for a few years by teaching karate. Through my own training I’ve had to work a lot on patience and discipline, and I’m able to demonstrate these skills when helping with others. My main approach to working with youth is to not only just help them with whatever they’re going through, but to really work with them on being able to think about what they want for the future, and realizing the steps towards that goal.

Yusef Gray

Lead Crisis Stabilizer

I am a person who believes that our youth of today are also our future doctors, teachers, sports coaches, and entrepreneurs. I enjoy listening to youth as they talk about their dreams as it also gives me the opportunity speak and give them the instructions and tools needed to build their dream into a reality. We as individuals, regardless of age, all have days of dealing with frustration, stress, and even depression. However, how we deal with it is important. As a crisis stabilizer I provide to our youth and families ways to deal with these situations as they may arise, to avoid, decrease, or eliminate crisis reactions.

David Guetzkow


I enjoy working with youth. I encourage families to expand their comfort zones by trying new things and testing new ways of doing things in a controlled and safe setting. I am always open to advice and trying things the way families want it done.

Keisha Harris

Crisis Stabilizer

I’m a believer of positive change, and my beliefs are the reason why I advocate and provide positive role modeling skills, build support and gain the trust of the youth that I come in contact with. As a crisis stabilizer I provide and share ideas on ways to better deal with crisis situations without added frustration.

Patsy Howard

Crisis Stabilizer

I am committed to working with Milwaukee’s youth and families and have been a crisis stabilizer and mentor for several years.

Jason McClelland

Crisis Stabilizer

As a child I knew I wanted to help people with their struggles. I have excelled at understanding and guiding people out of their tough times. With my experience and knowledge I feel I can help any child and family in need. I am hardworking, patient, and always modeling positive behaviors. I am here because I love my community and want to make it a better place.

Benetria McGowan

Crisis Stabilizer

I have a passion for working with youth, so it is my desire to see them overcome hardship and succeed in the future. I believe in empowering youth to live out their purpose by cultivating their gifts and talents within.

Latasha Reed

Crisis Stabilizer

I have the ability to work with all individuals regardless of race, religion, or soci-economic status. I have been working with children all of my professional career and understand that you sometimes have to meet them where they are at. I have a non-biased and judgement free attitude. My philosophy is life is full of choices so choose wisely. I will be happy to service your family as needed.

Heather Siner

Crisis Stabilizer

I have worked with children and youth in several different capacities throughout my career. My experience has allowed me to form positive, meaningful, and impactful relationships with many youth and families. I have always been passionate about working with children and youth and helping to guide them in the right direction. It is my goal to make a difference in the lives of the families I work with.

Simone Sledge

Lead Crisis Stabilizer

I am a family oriented mother whom has raised two beautiful successful young ladies that understands and respects the values of family morals. I strongly believe in our children and families future. I love sharing my experiences, strengths and beliefs with the youth of today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Veronica Smith

Crisis Stabilizer

I am a vibrant person who is fairly new to this career, however, I’m very experienced in making a difference in others’ lives. Interacting with youth has always been a passion for me. It pleases me to make a difference in one’s life by communicating (words of encouragement), listening (to hear what makes another feel the way he/she does), and just spending time with one (everyone wants to feel special and one-on-one attention gives that). My goal as a crisis stabilizer/ mentor is to give my client(s) the keys to unlock a future of success.

John Sumlin

Crisis Stabilizer

My name is John Sumlin, as a youth growing up in the City of Milwaukee and as the oldest of five children, I looked outside of my family for a “mentor” figure. I recognized the value in that type of a relationship and therefore, sought out a career where I could provide that type of support to our youth.

Floyd Underwood

Crisis Stabilizer & Mentor

I am committed to making a difference with youth and their families. I am currently working as a crisis stabilizer and mentor.

Wendy Winston

Activity Coordinator

I have always been interested in being a positive resource for youth and families in the community. My experience, skills, educational background, and passion allows me to remain compassionate and hopeful. I believe that our services make a difference and contribute to the potential success of the clients we serve.