About us

Riverstone Counseling

Who We Are

Riverstone Counseling and Crisis Services was founded in 2014 to create a program with the goal of providing individualized care that truly puts the needs of our children and families at the forefront.

Through Riverstone, we strive to help our community’s families and youth overcome adversity and reach their fullest potential. We do this by identifying the most critical issues facing our youth and families and applying our education, experience and current research to best help address and alleviate the symptoms and struggles associated with those issues.

Riverstone Counseling & Crisis Services, LLC provides crisis stabilization, mentoring and continuing education trainings.

How Do We Strive to Fulfill Our Mission?

  • Focusing on the strengths of the client, community partners and employees.
  • Advocating for those we serve and empowering them to advocate for themselves.
  • Educating our staff as well as other community providers about topics relevant to the needs in our community.
  • Collaborating with the many other service providers in our community to ensure comprehensive care to our youth and families.
  • Practicing the highest level of customer service and professionalism in everything we do.

Who We Serve

Riverstone serves youth, families and adults of all ages. We are currently in the Milwaukee Wraparound, Children’s Service Society and Delinquency and Court Services Networks. We also partner with local group homes to provide services to their residents.

Donate Today!

We like to provide learning opportunities, school supplies, clothing, holiday gifts and other assistance to youth and families in need.

Please contact us if you wish to make a contribution.
(414) 460-8820
[email protected]