These practices are only temporary and in place due to the COVID-19 Health Emergency. Effective immediately the following modifications are in effect per BHD:

  1.  Family contact expectations remain in place for Care Coordinators and Crisis Stabilizers to ensure we can effectively respond to the needs of families. However, all Care Coordinators and Crisis Stabilizers must call families before scheduled visits, and use the list of provided questions (attached pdf) before determining if a visit should occur.
  2. If Face to Face contacts are not possible, phone contacts are expected.
  3. Milwaukee Mobile Crisis and Crisis Providers will continue to triage crisis situations and respond as needed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Riverstone Counseling & Crisis Services have put the following modifications in effect:

  1. Every day the office will be disinfected throughout the day. There is disinfected spray and wipes available for individuals to use after use of computers, high touch surfaces, games, and chairs.
  2. We ask that everyone wash their hands before entering the office and if with a youth to make sure they wash their hands as well. We will disinfect each area and space when used before and after.
  3. Remember to conduct a check with each youth you plan to come in contact with and if they show signs then remove yourself from them or anyone and wash your hands.
  4. Also, if anyone goes out of town then please take the appropriate measures to keep everyone safe.

Thanks everyone and we as a family and community will get through this. Please stay safe and follow the CDC recommendations. If you need any further information about COVID-19 please go to CDC.GOV. ~ Marvel Coleman